The general way to log-in to a WordPress website is to use “/wp-admin/” after a domain’s name and find out the login page.

It’s easy to understand with an actual example and transparent screenshots. I own a domain which is my portfolio website that I also use to provide value to my clients and everybody who needs similar info. The website is using WordPress.

Now, how can I log into my WordPress Website? Let’s open the browser to test this. I’m using Firefox in this instance and after opening Firefox, I’m putting in “” into the address bar which takes me to the following page:

How Can I Log In to My WordPress Website? Screen 1

Now, I can simply use the “username” and “password” and log in to my WordPress dashboard.

But what if I do not remember the tedious long password and do not want to reset the password?

There is another cool way of logging into your wordpress website without even putting the password and username. But you can do so if you have access to your hosting account and your hosting account offers cPanel, or something similar to this.

Most of the popular web hosts today will have similar kinds of dashboards. The UI (User Interface) might be a bit different but the theory and its application will remain the same.

So, let’s jump in and see how we can do that.

Another Way of Logging into A WordPress Website

We can try the following navigation:

Login to your hosting account > Go to cPanel > One Click Software Installation > Installed Softwares

When you follow this you will find an icon like this:

If you click on that icon, it will take you to your website’s wordpress dashboard.

How to Login to WordPress Websites hosted on Namecheap Shared Hosting?

Let’s take Namecheap into consideration here since I’m using Namecheap for hosting the website Now, when I log into my Namecheap Account, it looks like:

In my case, you see too many domains above because I also own these domains. Find the domain that you registered while buying the hosting package. In my case the domain name that I first bought while buying the Namecheap hosting package is 

When I find that domain from the list there will be a server icon just like the following screenshot:

When you find that icone, take your mouse pointer over the icon to find the option to go to your cPanel without remembering your cPanel username and password.

When you click on the “Got to cPanel” option, it will authenticate you automatically and take you to the following page:

When you find the above menu, go to “Softaculous Apps Installer.” The next screen that it will take to looks something like this:

Now, click on the “Installations” segment. Don’t bother about the fact that I have 7 outdated installations. This is because I have so much work to do for my amazing clients that I rarely get time to provide more and more value via my personal websites on a larger scale.

When you click on the installation you will find the icon that I was talking about a few moments ago. Remember? Not providing the last screen because I want you guys to take actions and see for yourself.

Don’t just read this article, implement and practice it! You will be a pro within a couple of minutes.

I’m writing this post amid the pandemic of COVID-19 crisi. I hope you remain safe and we will get over this pretty soon. Keep smiling and subscribe if you want to get an alert when I post a new blog.

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